Marvin the Martian

Purpose of Space Exploration

Top Ten Reasons for Going Into Space

Reason Number 10
Colonization - in another twenty years it is estimated the population of the earth will reach over 8 billion. We could use a place to live.

Reason Number 9
Place a spy satellite over the Miss Hawaiian Tropics contest.

Reason Number 8
International Diplomacy - we went to the moon to beat the Russians, now we're building the International Space Station as a way to work with the Russians. Go figure. In any event, prestige and international relations are among the most powerful reasons we've had for going into space.

Reason Number 7
Natural Resources - some day we may be able to mine the Moon for green cheese and the asteroids for minerals and ores.

Reason Number 6
Researching the universe - orbiting observatories like Hubble Space Telescope, Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF), and Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) to study the stars, galaxies, and the structure of the universe.

Reason Number 5
Technology Spin-Offs from NASA-developed technology like small solid-state lasers which led to Compact Discs, cordless power tools, solar power cells, laptop computers AND TANG.

Reason Number 4
Researching the sun, moon, and planets - deep-space planetary probes and manned exploration to study the atmosphere, composition, and physics of other bodies in the solar system.

Reason Number 3
Get Marvin the Martianís autograph

Reason Number 2
Many applications that can be accomplished only from orbit, for example - telephone & TV communications around the world, weather observation and prediction (notably hurricanes), land surveys, and navigation (notably the Global Positioning System, GPS).

Reason Number 1

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