Certified Level 1

1999 Flight Log on This Rocket

Date Motor Boost Chute Recovery
12 Jun 99 Aerotech I161W-S Motor Blow-By! Flew to ~150 ft., then suddenly looked like a cartoon cat/dog fight with flames out both ends. Chute deployed fine, rocket came down in one (black) piece. Landed by LPM's table. Charred on the inside, chute ripped in a couple spots, Nomex destroyed. Entirely salvageable, nearly flyable on landing.
10 July 99 Aerotech I161W-S Great boost! about 1000 ft.  Would have been higher, but...  Ejection ~6s into flight (40% early to nominal delay burn). Recovered out of tall grass (dry!) in pristine condition. Took a while to find it, though.
28 Aug 99 Aerotech I161W-M Great boost to about 1100 ft. Ejection ~10s into flight (~30% early to nominal delay burn). Thank heavens I installed a beeper for this flight. Recovered easily out of the tall brush just before the trees, would have been next to impossible to find without a beeper.

August 10 2002 launch on an Aerotech I211W medium delay to an estimated 1600 feet. This rocket is a great flyer, and awesome on the I211.

Photo: Mark Meier

Retrieving the rocket (with my son) as it comes down just in front of some trees.

Photo: Mark Meier

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