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The autumn sky brings some of the faintest constellations carrying the brightest legend - the story of Andromeda and Perseus. With this sky you have the opportunity to tell the story in full, illustrated in spectacular fashion by the stars. While there are many other bright constellations up at this time with interesting features of their own, the Andromeda Legend is the centerpiece of the sky and the backbone of the Autumn Stargazing Tour.

The account here is the agenda that I loosely follow in providing a guided tour of the autumn skies as visible from 45 North Latitude. This tour is designed for one topic to lead to the next, so it flows nicely and still manages to teach Astronomy under the night sky as we caravan from one constellation to another. Aside from the binoculars and telescopes I usually make a point of also bringing a highly focused flashlight which serves as an effective pointer for tracing out constellations.

View to the South

View to the North

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Polar Constellations
Down the Milky Way
The Zodiac Constellations
The Andromeda Legend
Perseus the Hero

Overview of the Tour

I actually start the autumn tour with a quick observation of the Great Square, since you can scarcely move around the sky without stumbling across it. We then turn to the polar constellations, wind our way down the Milky Way, skirt across the southern horizon following the Zodiac, then finish with the Andromeda Legend as the grand finale. Under a time pressure, I have been known to tell the story of Andromeda, then pick up other items of interest as time permits.

The Top Attractions

Time might be limited, if it's chilly, if conditions are changing, or else if time is just limited. In that case, these are the best items to hit - the ones that the kids (and the adults) are talking about days later.

Feature Naked Eye Binoculars Telescope
Mizar & Alcor
The Double Double
The Ring Nebula
The Coathanger
Andromeda Galaxy
d Cephei
Algol the Demon Star
Double Cluster
M15 (Globular Cluster)

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Updated 14 April 2021